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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Plaster Stencils

Well it wont be long now till I start my furniture business...
I have so many ideas and one of them is plaster stencils.
I haven't got any pieces of furniture to work on right now..
Im testing on my kitchen cupboard ..
I love it...but not on the cupboard !


Friday, 26 June 2015

Crochet Chair Cover.

I love my wee armchair..
But I must admit I am a sloppy git!
Spilling coffee and whatever I eat all over it..
The covers end up completely washed out..
So I make arm covers and seat covers to prolong the life of the covers.

I found this gorgeous turquoise tweed fabric in the charity shop..
I traced the shape of the arms onto paper then cut out the fabric.
They were super easy to make.
The cushion I made years ago with all my leftover florals...
It really has stood the test of time!


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Plant Pot Decor

Poverty is the mother of invention they say.
Oh I do agree.
These gorgeous little things would never have been created if..


Heres how I made them
I printed some patterned paper.
 I rolled the bucket like I would a lampshade,
marking a line from start to finish.
Glued the paper on and varnished it.
Tip: spray varnish is better as the brush smears the ink.




Macrame Plant Hangers

Macramé they are not...It all started off well...
But like all my creations I end up doing my own thing
because I haven't got the patience.
More cellotape, ribbons and thread plant hangers rather than knots!
I made them both with washing line rope.
I covered the second one in scrap ribbon to make it a bit more cheerful.
Ive still to make a 3rd shorter one and I think im going to use cotton T-shirts.



Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Wild Flowers Colour Pop

Walking the dog at my local Park this afternoon, 
I noticed all the beautiful wild flowers in full bloom.
 I never realised how much pink and turquoise complimented each other.


When I put the flowers next to the mirror there was just a sudden colour pop!


Living Room



Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Handmade Lampshades

More like Frankenstein's creations!
Sometimes things just don't work out.
Tip: Buy the self adhesive PVC for lampshades my way doesn't work!
Also the wee tool that tucks the fabric into the ring.
I found an 8" Drum shade in the charity shop.
I stripped it down and was left with 2 separate rings.
I had 3 attempts at this using different mediums.
canvas, paper, and last was the vinyl coated cotton.
Vinyl Coated Cotton, easy clean lampshade
Third Attempt
I made this one in the coated vinyl and it was far too thick.
When I turned the lip over the ring it was so thick and wrinkly I ended up having to hand stitch around the ring.
You know what though I actually like the rustic look of this and its a keeper lol!
2nd Attempt
This was made with waterproof paper glued onto a heavy weight interface and although it wasn't to thick the glue made the pattern bleed.
It ended up really black around the top and bottom ring.
I had to hand stitch the top and bottom on this as well because I didn't have the tool to turn the paper under the ring.

The first one you don't get a picture of because that was just a complete disaster !

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Wall panels made with washing rope.

I was hunting around the house and garden
for some spare wood to make some small panels on my fake wall
that I built in the hallway.
I came across a few rolls of washing line rope in the shed that
 I had bought earlier in the year for some rope rugs.
It worked a treat.
Finished result
I measured and marked where I wanted the panels to sit.
I then ran no nails glue on the panel lines and stuck the rope to it.
I painted the rope in chalk paint and filled any gaps with decorators caulk.
I t was much easier than doing it in wood and cost me nothing because I already had the rope lying around.
When I do the moulds for inside the panels I buy one that I like from ebay and I make a mother mould with latex and plaster so I can have however many I want.