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Loving Oak...

I am absolutely in love with  Oak and wicker at the moment! Im looking for an onion/Garlic type wicker basket but not to store onions or garlic lol more for doggy leashes and smaller things..but I cant seem to find any in the UK!! I found some overseas but so expensive to get over here.. I am just about to paint this wall with a stain block primer so the water stains dont seep back through.. :( I cant be bothered)
My Late 1800s Hall Monks bench, beautiful Oak...  I store all my bedding in here.

String Crochet..

This is an older one, but one im really proud of.. It cost £8.00 in total to make..

Todays Sewing

Some Fabric and Vinyl Luggage/Bag tags. Travel In Style..
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My Home

Took these yesterday..When I clean I like to take a pic :)

Appreciating the now...

Last night as I was laying in bed thinking how lucky I was to sleep in such a pretty bedroom..
I put so much work into the house up until last year.
Dont get me wrong there is still a ton of work to be done...
but just appreciating the here and now...

My first Video..

You will have to excuse the fact its night time. I will do another video in daylight but I just couldnt contain myself. I am so proud of my new additions to the shop I just had to video them :)

My newest arrivals.

Here they are.. All ready to go to their new homes...

Mini Hanging Storage Bucket.

No space on your desk?
Im working on these little mini storage buckets at the moment.
They are so sturdy and extremely robust and the patterns......
Great space savers, they can just hang on the wall.
Im working on an attachment with a push pin at the moment.

Todays Sewing

Dark Botanical Custom Tablet Sleeve.

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                                                    Green Eco Phrenology waterproof Coin Purse.

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A day off.

No orders today...Its a day off for me :) I think I will go shopping! A clean and tidy workroom, a picture you dont see very often in my home!